Empires, Star Nations, and Polities

Scifi City. Artwork by Khanshin. Creative Commons.
Scifi City. Artwork by Khanshin. Deviant art Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Here are some of the political entities in the Freehauler Alcione universe

o Asmarai – traditionalist polite ritualistic hierarchical – mecha, warrior ethos etc. Ethnic group Klinzha, minorities considered subsapient
o The Bioprimacy (elom-ruled polity, elom guiding lesser races of which they geneered or modified) – huge population and area of space
o Biovirate – an association of exotic and strongly modified races, elom inspired.
o Machina Newmannate – mechan / machine empire
o Chorteinian Clonacracy – made up of billions of Chortein Lawkes, narcissistic, expansionistic, but also highly vulnerable because they can easily be targeted by a designer virus
o Federation of Democratic Worlds – hypercapitalist superpower
o Republic/ Kingdom of Joy
o Sophic League

(more to be added)