A very partial and incomplete diagram of nested zones and hypostases of existence

The Real (Unmanifest Absolute)
The Creative Real (Manifest Absolute)
Pleroma (Manifest Absolute – Being) giving rise to and including:
o Nous (infinite mind)
o Psi (infinite energy)
o Phi (infinite form), including as subsets:
o Archetypal reality (noetic, blueprints of creation); Noospace – noo of phi
o Imaginal reality (ideoplastic, magical, subtle body, astral); Psi-space – psi of phi
o Physical reality or Namarupa (name and form) reality – phi of phi, including as subset:
o noospace – consciousness – noo of phi of phi (archetypal essenses)
o pathospace – empathy
o imaginal space – Imaginal and liminal space (ideoplastic, subtle physical, mythic) – psi of phi of phi
o physospace – (subtle and gross physical) – phi of phi of phi, including
o aetherspace – imaginal/psychophanic, – fantastical creatures, psychotronic tech – psi of phi of phi of phi
o paraspace – (gross aura, nonlocality, inner, hyperspace, jumpspace, ftl, beacons)
o realspace – space, time, and matter, macroscale local causation only – phi of phi of phi of phi
o bythether /chthonic – high bythozonal (transliminal – shades to other zones) – tohu of phi of phi of phi
o bythospace – medium bythozonal – tohu of phi of phi
o Bythos (chaos, the deep, low bythozonal – shades to the other zones) – tohu of phi
o Tohu (formless nonbeing)