City planet

Futuristic Favela. Artwork by Albert Ramon Puig
Futuristic Favela . Artwork copyright Albert Ramon Puig

Even if space travel is an every day part of a starfaring civilisation like the Terragen Imperium, only a fortunate few get to experience it.  For the teeming trillions that make up most of humanity, existence is limited to the slums and favelas of the crowded and claustrophobic planet-spanning cities, with their fortunate few living in palatial gated enclaves, the middle classes in still comfortable arcologies, the countless billions of plebians in the congested and stratified buildings and shanties below, and the gangs and criminals ruling the less regulated and policed districts,

This is where we first meet Freedai Reynofar, at the start of Up the Well.  But she has no intention of spending her whole life on the city planet of New Old New Yearth, and indeed, she doesn’t.


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