A science fiction scene within an industrial complex of a futuristic city
A science fiction scene within an industrial complex of a futuristic city, a large aircar is being fueled. Artist unknown (if you’re the artist, contact me so I can credit you)


The alcioneverse is the shared universe in which my various stories take place.  The name Alcioneverse is etymologically inspired by Buffyverse and Honorverse, except the name honours a spaceship rather than a female protagonist.  However, I do have a feisty female protagonist, well, two actually.

The neologism “Buffyverse”  was coined by fans of the popular Young Adult 1990s urban fantasy TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and later adopted by the series creator Joss Whedon  (There’s also  a “Firefly Verse” for Whedon’s eponymous cult space opera series, although here the emphasis is simply on the “verse” as an abbreviation of Universe, although this term can be equally appropriate).

Clearly inspired by the above, fans of military SF writer David Weber would later coin a similar neologism “Honorverse” to refer to David Weber’s books about Honor Harrington (a female version of C. S. Forester’s Napoleonic naval hero Horatio Hornblower, but in Space) and the overall worldbuilding around that.

Other franchises in contrast say “universe” or “timeline”; e.g. the Star Wars Expanded Universe, or JJ Abram’s Star Trek “Kelvin Timeline”,   Or emphasising the mythic rather than the scifi, “saga” or “chronicles” or “ballard” (e.g.  The Chronicles of Riddick, or Alan Moore’s The Ballad of Halo Jones)  but I prefer the abbreviated “verse” (especially since I’ve already got three syllables with “Alcione”)

The AlcioneVerse

The AlcioneVerse (I thought I’d be a bit funky and add a central capital V) is still a work in progress.  I haven’t gotten into worldbuilding here to the extent I did in Orion’s Arm for example, and indeed too much worldbuilding can suck the oxygen out of storytelling; the only person who really got this right was Tolkien.  My aim is for the worldbuilding to emerge organically with the writing.



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