Freehauler Alcione, initial Blender version
Freehauler Alcione, my initial Blender version

Zoneship – a vessel such as a spaceship that can traverse cosmological zones (zonespace). The usual method is stepwise rotational, where a zoneship orthorotates to hyperspace dimensions that are more transcendent and ontozonal: e.g. from realspace to paraspace, where FTL is possible, and from paraspace to aetherspace. From aetherspace ascent is via transformation of consciousness and “rising on the planes”, such as from phi or physical to the imaginal/psychic to the noetic ontocosm. Zoneship crew generally includes a Fideler or a Roswel at the helm, a Pathworker to navigate, Orgoners for propulsion, and a Theurgist for psychophanics and deifics.




Original text and illustration © M Alan Kazlev, 2017