The Bentenmaru
The Bentenmaru, from Boadiceous Space Pirates – Wiki

A ship can be either an Interplanetary-only or an FTL meru transit or even full interzonal vessel. Can be small to huge in size. FTL ships need at least minimal zone rating (and plasticity) to transrotate to paraspace and back.

Ship functions and categories include everything from passenger liners to private recreational craft for the very wealthy, to cargo/freight merchanteers, both corporate and freehaulers, to military ships of many types (from short-range dropships and small long range patrol corvettes to huge carriers and dreadnoughts) to specialised vessels such as mining, rescue, scientific, etc.  Crews may number anywhere from one to thousands. Apart from some smaller aerodynamic types, none of these land on planets, that being the role of dedicated shuttlecraft and landers.



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Original text and diagram © M Alan Kazlev, 2017.  Bentenmaru digital artwork copyright Satelight Inc