Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art by Kev Jenkins
Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art by Kev Jenkins of “Nowhere”, the head of a Celestial that became a disreputable space colony

Kadmons, also known as “Celestials”, are a type of god, a gigantic aetherspace indigenous organism that subsist on universal qi, a being of very refined prakriti, a physical deity or sophont to transapient kaijuzoan, native to aetherspace and beyond, though such entities occasionally migrate or break through to realspace, where they are highly paradoxogenic and further the alterniversal drift of known space.

Some xenopaleontologists have argued that celestials are ascended or derived First Ones, but there is little evidence to support this premise. Celestials may be tens or even hundreds of kilometers long, and have the power of a local dualistic monotheistic god. They originate from and are most common in deifotheric space.

Throughout the vast universe, celestials are constantly precipitating into realspace, which means the death of or isolation from that etheric form, but also the physical embodiment of higher essences and divine light. From a gross sense they are mortal, and when they die their bodies form a rich resource of fortean matter.  From a more subtle perspective it is part of the vast cycle of emanation and transcendence, the precipitation of the celestial nature into realspace and its sublimation back into paraspace and beyond. Celestials have their own life in aetherspace where they constitute pantheosns and hierarchies. There are also higher resonances, archetypes, sefirot, and so on.

Each celestial is the center of sects, people who partake of flesh of the gods, arr altered by it, no longer thinking or acting the same way, becoming a movement to externalise that celestial (or its etheric presence) in realspace. There are also specific gifts, powers, and archetypes unique to each celestial, as well as each celestial including a or the spectrum powers and archetypes (tho perhaps modified according to its nature). Partaking of one celestial may offer superpowers, another liberation or gnosis, another empathy or love. The various movements reflect this, with their doctrines revolving around the gifts and archetypes of that celestial. Much of the diaspora has been so pervaded by celestialianist memes and cults that it’s impossible to find a pure set of memes. However precipitation of celestials in this universe is a recent event, thought to be the result of paradox buildup and rewriting or alterniversing of the past. Celestials are not known from pristine fermi universes.

Hence Celestialanity, monotheistic religion that worships one or another celestial as the supreme god or godhead; Celestialism, polytheistic worship of many celestials; Pantheistic celestialism, claims that the whole universe is a gigantic celesial. Celestials were originally kadmons, a precipitated celestial is just a mere emanation.




Original text © M Alan Kazlev, 2017