Spaceship of the Church of Universal Truth
Church of Universal Truth, spaceships driven by the fanatical belief of the faithful 2233: Strange Tales #178 (v1) (Marvel Comics)

Astrofidele – specialised religious cultists who use Faith to navigate paraspace; those sophonts with “Faith” are the ones best suited to travel via these zones. They can be any religion, but generally the more extreme swaggonists, pelorists, xionians, and barbeloliteralists are favoured over more tolerant monodeists, universalists, and awakenists. Tend to puritanism and celibacy. To navigate they have to be hooked into the ship. Also known as Applewhites


Developer notes

After Heaven’s Gate – an American UFO religious millenarian cult headed by Marshall Applewhite, who practiced castration and then comitted mass suicide in the belief they would then join a spaceship trailing the Hale-Bopp comet.  – MAK

Warhammer ish but that’s got a lot of history behind it. I think John Maddox Roberts was the first one with the idea of flying through a hell – Brandon Bowers