The Terragen Imperium

Space Service Station. Original artwork by M-Delcambre, Creative Commons
Space Service Station. Original artwork by M-Delcambre, Creative Commons

One of the larger terragen empires is the dystopian, religious, militaristic, and capitalist Terragen Imperium.

To distract from abuses at home and provide entertainment for the masses, the Imperium wages endless war on rival empires and species. As the current story opens, the Elohomers are the main enemies.

Main Factions

The most powerful Socio-Political Factions of the Imperium are:

  • Beloved Leader Sedy Innocent III – Reigning benignly above all is Beloved Leader, Sedy Innocent III, little more than a figurehead who serves as the acceptable face behind which are various contending factions. Historical records show that at one time there was a human called Sedy, a minor noble of the Old  Innocent dynasty.  With the rise of current Imperium, records became more ambiguous, as memetic engineering and false news proliferated like pink goo.  Sedy Innocent III’s innumerable clones are everywhere, at charity functions, reviewing the troops, presenting awards, at soup kitchens handing out soup with His very hands
  • Govsec – the administrative, executive and legislative division, the Machinery of State under Sedy (or which uses Sedy as a colorful distraction), , which manages population, resources, and so on. .
  • The Oligarchy – the human ceos and corporate hyperturings that administer and rule the megacorporations spread thru the human diaspora and beyond. These are based on a pyramid structure with local (local, planetary or system-wide) franchises at the bottom. Government is by hu-ai partnership, the governing hu is called the ceo which is a title like lord.
  • the Military-Entertainment Complex, which vies with the Oligarchy for ultimate power, prestige and influence, controls the military in partnership with Govsec, and is in control of much of the popular media.
  • The Pellorist Church – under the archshockpope are various local shockpopes, the followers of Gigo Pellor enforce ethical teachings through Talk Back Virch and administer the Nitchel, the religious law. This puts them at odds with the Oligarchy also administers and Reality Show law. There are a number of factions, including both moderates and hardliners.
  • The Aristocracy. The Dynasties or Great Houses, monarchies with a neo-feudal structure, networks of alliances linked by genome, sometimes serving as local warlords in less regulated territories. Once immensely powerful, they are now diminished through the encroachments of Oligarchy and MilEnC. Traditionally they are on good terms with the Church, tho some Houses such as the Solomoninon have rejected the message of the Shockpope.


Original text © M Alan Kazlev, 2017, 2018.