Mechanical World
Mechanical World. I don’t know who the artist is

Here are some such political entities in the Paraspace Universe

  • The Allhive
  • Asmarai Hegemony – traditionalist polite ritualistic hierarchical – mecha, warrior ethos etc. Ethnic group Klinzha, minorities considered subsapient
  • Bioprimacy – association of exotic and strongly modified races, elohom inspired, guiding lesser races of which they gengineer or modified in turn – huge population and area of space
  • Chorteinian Clonacracy – a minor polity made up of billions of humans called Chortein Lawes, narcissistic, expansionistic, but also highly vulnerable because they can easily be targeted by a designer virus
  • The Dipha Parthenogenocracy
  • Haanson League – emulationists – a small oligarchy of ruling biologicals, cyborgs and ai use slaved mind ems (infomorphs) for menial labor
  • Holy Terragen Corporatewealth  – conservative hypercapitalist oligarchy with secular-religious undercurrent
  • Krob Collective – cyborg communism
  • Machina Newmannate – mechan / machine empire
  • Ruppania – middling power; ethnic groups Rhurss, Toulik, Large human minority , ideologies monarchist, faberist, etc
  • Prajna Alliance
  • Teviot Hegemony – collectivist multi-racial empire

(more to be added)



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