Starfield, Hubble Deep Field, NASA

Realspace – colloquial term for our universe, Mundus 001 and similar universes embedded in Empirospace. Famiiar physical space-time, characterised by space, time, and causality, and defined by movement through three dimensions of space, one of time, and none of zone; the familiar space-time universe and associated quantitative hyperspace dimensions, and all such universes and worldlines (alterniverses); ordinary physical reality, the newtonian-einsteinian physical universe, in which the speed of light is an absolute limiting factor.  To travel faster than light, it is necessary for ships to rotate or translate into hyperspace and beyond.

A high inertia (Tamas), very stable, zone of existence.

The term “realspace” is misleading, as all zones and spaces are equally “real” or “unreal” from the transcendent perspective. A spacetime cosm is any physical reality in which space and time are locally experienced as an external world or universe, and unfold as worldlines. In a spacetime universe bodies and entities are empirical, determined by the laws of physics, although the actual constants and constraints vary according to the universe in question, for example there may be two dimensions of time and three of space, or one of time and four of space.



Original text © M Alan Kazlev, 2017