Scene from the exhibition Transmissions from the Etherspace
Scene from the exhibition Transmissions from the Etherspace

Cosmologically, oneirospace is intermediate between aetherspace and more further reaches of beyond space and transcendent realities such as noetic and psi space.

Because of its intermediate, imaginal nature, phenomena such as thoughtforms, the aura, mindborn, and paranormals, begin to appear here, and in certain instances can be empirofixed (made objective).

In contrast to realspace, where things are real even if you don’t believe in them (and not real even if you do). Even more than paraspace, aetherspace universes tend to be narrative-suffused with high imaginal content, the laws of physics less rigid, and with a greater predominance of consciousness over matter. Hence there is more magic, impossible technology, fantasy creatures, monsters, etc.

It also constitutes a sort of cosmic and metacosmic subconscious or unconscious, causal origin of physical phenomena, in which realspace spacetime exists as the “tip of the iceberg” to use the Freudian metaphor.