Space whale, from The Leviathan
Space whale, from The Leviathan.

Zoneships in traversing the various ontological strata often ascend as high as aetherspace.

Cosmologically, aetherspace is intermediate between paraspace and more psychophanic regions such as oneirospace.

Aetherspace is full of aether, a psychophanic (mind manifesting) para-material substance of infinite extent, with undifferentiated qualities combining deep space, atmosphere, and ocean.

It features nonlocal (macroscale nonlocal casuality), and psychotronic phenomena. Includes skies, worlds, and oceans, and populated by a huge variety of native lifeforms, and countless ontocosms, although the higher octaves and resonances are far more difficult to reach. There are various parameters, such as “higher”, less dense, atmosphere-like leptether, and “lower”, denser, water-like baryether. Bioships, Kaijuzoa, and other parabiota fly or swim through or are carried along by and nourished by the aetheric currents and tides, and derive their sustenance from the universal qi or pneuma that is easily accessible here. Zoneships and ftl vessels may be paradoxical in this reality.

Chionics is the technology based on utilisation of the aether (the energy and substance of aetherspace).

Some empires like the Bioprimacy are able to empirofix aetherspace creatures and elements in realspace, creating astonishing bio-organic technology.