The Universe, showing FTL zones
The Universe, showing FTL zones and their effect on consciousness. Image by M Alan Kazlev 2015

The above diagram shows my original cosmology for the Alcioneverse consists of a series of zones or gradations, each of which is characterised by specific laws, and characterised by particular phenomena.  With the Hard  Science reboot, I decided to split this into two universes, a hard SF universe which follows Einsteinian laws if relativity and slower than light travel, and a separate science fantasy paraspace universe, described here.

In order to travel faster than light, ships must leave the safety of realspace and venture through these strange and disorienting realms where empirical validation and newtonian-einsteinian physics no longer apply.

Movement can be “vertically” through hyperspatial rotation or translation along this spectrum (“ontotude”, “hyperjump”), or “horizontally” throughout any zone (teleportation, FTL relative to realspace). The higher through the zones one translates, the easier and further one can travel. At the same time, the more intangible and abstract, transcendent and spiritual things become, and the more the disjunction from everyday physical consciousness, and hence everything from psychophany and hallucination to spiritual awakening. Too much exposure can lead to obsession and madness, hence “hyperspace sickness”. This is due to the emanation of the worlds.

It can be thought of, metaphysically, as a spectrum or polarity with “matter” or “objectivity” or empiricism at one end, and “spirit” or “subjectivity” or potentiality. This gradation can be divided into a series of progressively more expansive, but also diffuse, zones or degrees or planes of spacetime and spiritmatter. These are shown as concentric, overlapping, ovals in the above diagram.

This follows the standard theosophical model with seven zones. Other representations may have a different combination of zones. Here, the seven most familiar zones are: realspace, hyperspace, paraspace, aetherspace, near beyond, far beyond, and transcend. Each requires a progressively more refined vessel or state of consciousness.

The following is a very simplistic overview of the zones, from the densest and most empirical to the most transcendent

realspace – physical spacetime, 100% objective matter and energy, space-time curvature, quantum indeterminacy on microscale only. Laws of nature the same everywhere The physical universe. Travel via fusion rocket or similar.

hyperspace – also called jumpspace and warpspace, here refers to a region of space allowing FTL. Similar to realspace, sometimes with one on one mapping, but other regions with no realspace counterparts. Because thermodynamics is different in certain respects, there is no conservation of energy and hence reactionless drive is possible, and Alcubierre drive does not result in quantum instability or Hawking Radiation gamma ray bursts. A richer and more diverse reality than realspace. Phenomena native to hyperspace include exotic matter and magnetic monopoles. An interesting effect is that if one has a “knack” for something in realspace, this is accentuated in paraspace.

paraspace – Inverted relative to realspace, and also less uniform, in that the laws of physics (or paraphysics) subtly differ in different areas. Similar to hyperspace, sometimes with one on one mapping, but other regions with no realspace or hyperspace counterparts. Ships at this ontotude can travel further and faster than in hyperspace, but require greater transformation to reach it. Parspace technology is also called psychotronics. Richer and more teeming than hyperspace. Phenomena native to paraspace include discs and orbships, leviathons, bioships, celestials, “sacred geometry” and lines and currents, including FTL conduits, as well as parallel timelines (hypertime).

aetherspace – more radical difference, less uniform, more shaped by thoughts and abilities. Similar to paraspace, sometimes with one on one mapping, but other regions with no hyperspace or paraspace counterparts. On the border between physical and nonphysical. Divided into many subzones, can also be called subtle physical. Here, instead of quantum fields, the basic laws of nature and building blocks of “matter” and “energy” is organising life force, called orgone or chi. It is difficult to reach this high, because ships contain many inorganic and rigid parts that are incompatible with the flowing and plastic, organic nature of aetherspace. Aetherspace technology involves storage and manipulation of chi In some regions there is a universal ocean of chi. Much richer and more teeming than paraspace. Phenomena native to aetherspace includes fantasy earths and interdimensional worlds and magonias, and their diverse inhabitants.

near beyond – generic term for everything beyond the previous four spaces. Includes the lesser or physical nun-, psi- and noo-, and other spaces. To translate to the near-beyond means crossing the boundary from physical to non-physical, and entering an imaginal or dreamlike world, in which science is replaced by magic and fantasy. This requires extensive psychotronics and a magus to steer. While alien in many aspects, the Near Beyond is still close enough to real-/para-/aetherspace to reflect it and overlap with it. One deceptive region is also known as the astral or lower astral, and is like a hall of mirrors. Phenomena native to the near beyond include dreamworlds, paracosms, and faerieworlds.

far beyond – generic term for everything past the near beyond. Generally totally alien to physical consciousness. Includes greater nun-, psi- noo-and other abstract spaces. Many vast and alien realms, peopled by strange intelligences, for example lovecraftian beings as well as more familiar gods and daemons, heavens and hells. The ego is easily swallowed up here, resulting in either adepthood or madness. Ships that come back from here may be haunted or abandoned, tho others have made the jump successfully. According to folklore, some elder civilisations, having left realspace, ascend here, but this has never been verified.

transcend – ineffable spiritual region beyond, but also embracing and including, the near and far beyond. The ego is swallowed up here and can never be the same. According to folklore, some elder and transingularitan civilisations, having left realspace in search of abstract spaces, also or alternatively ascend here, but this has never been verified either. Some sophic and gnostic groups are dedicated to exploring and realising these regions, but others see them as a distraction on the way to ultimate realisation.

Beyond and within and behind the Transcend are purportedly further states and dimensions of ineffable self-realisation and enlightenment, although these, according to nondual mystic teachings, can also be more easily attained through a life of contemplation in the physical realspace body.


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Original text and diagram © M Alan Kazlev, 2015 – 2016.