Some useful online Science Fiction resources

Atomic Rockets – the definitive online reference to the science of science fiction. As well as hosting a wonderful collection of old images from the golden age of SF, when science fiction still had a sense of optimism about it. Any hardcore fan of traditional SF and every budding Space Opera writer, regardless of where they are on the hard science – handwavium scale, should run, not walk, to this encyclopaedic and beautifully illustrated website highly enough!

The Tough Guide to the Known Galaxy – alphabetical brief introduction to SF and Space Opera sci-fi – covers all the main space opera tropes. I take issue with some of the author’s statements (e.g. that space based habitats are falling out of fashion in SF), but still a useful and often funny intro

TV Tropes – vast rambling compilation of every possible trope, and then some, of anything even vaguely sci-fi. If you ever thought what you are writing or what you are reading, is in any way new or original, prepare to have your illusions shattered. An essential resource for any writer and proof to the biblical idiom that “there is nothing new under the sun”.

More to be added…