AI God manifesting, by Anders Sandberg
AI God manifesting, image copyright Anders Sandberg, Orion’s Arm Worldbuilding Project

Transingularitans, also called Jarchons , Elder Race, Overlords, Gods, Archailects, Sefirotics, the Transcended,  are enigmatic, weakly godlike beings.  It is not certain if each constitutes a single entity or a collective civilisation.   Sometimes appearing as divine, sometimes as monstrous or terrifying, they have created distinct, sometimes overlapping, sometimes shared, super civilisations and infrastructures.

While transingularitans appear to share common toposophic features, each Jarchontic metacivilisation is so distinct that it can be considered a category or archetype of higher toposophic being(s).

The simple fact is that transingularitans are so alien makes it impossible for modosophont races to understand them with certainty.   Some seem to consider lesser races or toposophics to be resources to be used and exploited with little or no qualms. Some are thought to consist of a merger of a number of species, including biological, mechanical, and/or spiritual, others of only a single species or collective mind. Their transcendent nature makes it difficult for modosophont races to determine the facts, and in addition even their servitors and remotes often seem to be elder races in their right.

Each however is a center of evolution, godtech, and modosophont modification, some of which finds its way into the wider galaxy.

The most important local Jarchontic races/civilisations are the Elohom, the Archailectality, and the Yawvek.