Interstellar Empire
Interstellar Empire. Image from Can Galactic Empires Exist Without Faster-Than-Light Travel? at io9 (I’m not sure whop the artist is)

Across known space are many isolated and independent systems, and some linked by small wormhole nexii, that have become Solar System – wide, or even Interstellar, Empires.

Here are some such political entities in the Starsiders Universe

  • Corporate Libertarian Zone
  • Cypheria
  • Elysium (Utopian Sphere)
  • Kheterist Transcendence / Khedtr Dyson
  • Kingdom of Joy
  • Syntropist Regime – one of the most powerful of the star nations, much admired because of their strong pro-life and pro-diversity ideology, although some find them prudish

(more to be added)

In addition there are many groups, tribes, clades and factions.