Futuristic TouchScreen Visualization, from Corning Day Of Glass 2
Futuristic TouchScreen Visualization, from Corning Day Of Glass 2

A few occupations

AI liaison, anakalyptic services, artifact analysis, artifact assessor, artifact prospector, asteroid miner, augmented reality architect, augmented athlete, avatar relationship manager, bartender, beamjack, bodyguard, bounty hunter, biospherist, celebrity for hire, chief experience officer,  cleaner, clerical slave, clone analysist, con artist, construction worker, cultural products agent,  decker, deepspace construction worker, digital identity planner, ecosophist, environmental health carer, fashion designer,  field scientist, financial technologist, futurologist, gambler, galactographer,   gangster, gengeneer, global sourcing manager, goddweller, grifter, hab residence technician,  hazardous materials handler, hedonic services, heresologist, holistic healer, housework coach, ISO analysis, lifelogger, media and synmedia agent,  memeticist,  metaphysician, middle manager, nanotronicist, narrator, occupation analysis, office concierge,  office supervisor, organizational quartermaster, paramedic, personal brand manager, personal care coordinator, planetologist, plant physiologist, pleebian, police officer, political revolutionary, pop star, porn analysis, priest, private detective, professional masochist, , professional shopper, reality vid star,  receptionist, rent a crowder, rigger, roboticist, sale girl/boy, seed investor, shockjock, scrapper/junker, servant, simulation designer, slave driver, smart road optimiser, smuggler, sophont relations, street kid, sweatshop worker,  sycophant, synesthesian,   systems analysis, talent aggregator, terraforming engineer, toposophic simulation pilot, vacch marine,  vircharcheologist, wetware programmer, whipping boy, xenopalaeontologist, xenologist

Occupations by milieu


Planetsider (settled world)

Orbital station or Hab


Spacer (Spaceship crew)





Some ideas from Sodexo “30 Jobs for 2030,” also Enworld org