Asimov's Encyclopaedia Galactica image from Terminus City
Asimov’s Encyclopaedia Galactica; image from Terminus City

The Cosmopaedia Galactica  (also known as the Galactopaedia) is a popular terragen self-contained and semi-autonomous, self-updating, library/encyclopaedia that exists in countless editions and branches throughout known space.

The following are a few quick links to topics of interest in the Starsiders Universe

Galactography – the galaxy and its known and unknown worlds.

Sophontology – different races of sentient, sapient, and transapient beings, including AI, aliens, cyborgs, humans, hyperdimensionals, mechanoids, posthumans, splices, and more. Each category consists of innumerable subtypes and combinations.

Civilisation – any complex society characterized by an advanced stage of social development and organization, urban and technological development,  symbolic communication, and a separation from and domination over the natural environment.

Polities – across known space are many isolated or connected polities,  some limited to a single habitat or even a freeship, others with many colonies.

Factions – many different factions.  based on morphotype, ideology, and purpose, co-existing, forming alliances, jockeying for power, conquering, exploiting, or liberating.

Habitats – habitats may be terraformed planets (or very rare garden worlds), enclosed biospheres on inhospitable worlds, moons or asteroids, or orbitals, space stations, or even worldships


Tech organic or mechanical, nano or megascale, tech is what makes interstellar civilisation go round.

Ships – These are classified according to function, origin, size, type of drive, etc.

Timeline – the history of known space


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