The Big Galaxy Store Drone. Artwork copyright M. Wayne Miller
The Big Galaxy Store Drone. Artwork copyright M. Wayne Miller

In the far future, humanity has spread across the stars but lost Earth.

On the distant planet of Denbard, a member world of the Terragen Corporatewealth, teenage part time professional shopper Kam Sortnoi-Valentinon has to contend with all the usual things kids of an interstellar hypercapitalist dystopia face: romantic infatuations, dysfunctional parents, monomanical sentient advertising, pushy store drones, religious madmen, out of control shockjocks, and proslytising government officials.

Although a member of a hereditary spacefaring clade, she has spent more than half her life on Denbard, where she and her family ended up after being on the losing side of a power struggle for possession of the Clanship Noami.

Protected by her doting but overprotective mother Mummy and caring but emotionally detached father Ted, Kam is always looking out for her younger siblings Berenk and Janline, close friends Ceri and Tandra, and her clients Missus Potts and Mister Nakateen. She demands what she wants, and uses everything from tantrums and looks to manipulation to ensure she does.

Life is good for Kam.  But how long will the good times last?

Book One of The Saga of the Freehauler Alcione