Freehauler Alcione – the series

Freehauler Alcione - 3d model in progress
Freehauler Alcione – 3d model in progress

It is the far future.

The mile-long starship Alcione, part freighter, part privateer, travels between the galaxies of the human diaspora, a sovereign ship-state ruled over by a ruthless triumvirate, living off scraps of stolen technology and miraculous artifacts.

Thrown into this community of starfaring nomads, Madvert fighter Kam Valentinon, xenopaleontologist Shymarc Landin, mechaneering golden girl Freedai Reynofar, geek alien Zeku, bodyguard Marvin Hobbs, billionaire scion Reid Sampson, knight-errant Eithan Gunhead, and others find themselves challenged by the dangerous life of a non-aligned starships and the byzantine machinations of their officers.

This page provides a basic outline of the Freehauler Alcione series. Inevitably it’s still pretty sparse; so far I’m still at the stage of writing the various stories, especially the first.  The idea being that these will be interlinked novels that together make up an epic storytelling arc.  My original idea is a series of novellas, like Hugh Howey’s Wool which are released in installments on Amazon com.   I have considered fewer works but have each a complete novel, but then that means the first four would make up a single huge novel.  I’d rather release them in smaller installments.

So far the intended novels include:

with more to be added


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