Some of the protagonists of the Freehauler Alcione series:

Freedai Reynofar, work in progress.
Freedai Reynofar, work in progress. Created with Makehuman. Hair incorporates Blender particle hair effect by RicoCilliers and anime mesh by johnakaagila

Freedai Reynofar – protagonist of the first novel, Up the Well, sporty hover girl, robotics jock and dreamer, at age 17, Freedai is living with her autistic, non-identical clone-father Xander in the crowded megalopolis of New Old New Yearth (Nony).  Between hanging out with friends Pemilla, Jekhu, Kailya, Viktor, and boyfriend Kelvin, doing tricks on her hoverboard, and dreaming of a life of adventure beyond the stars with the dashing vidstar Captain Savage, Freedai helps Xander build a powerful battlebot in hopes of winning the million credit prize money and moving to a better location.  But things don’t work out the way she and Xander anticipated.

Kam Valentinon, professional shopper and madvert fighter
Kam Sortnoi,-Valentinon part time professional shopper, madvert fighter, and protagonist of Mechacross. Artwork copyright David Leahey

Kamren Valentinon – feisty 15-year old part-time professional shopper and madvert fighter, Kam is the central protagonist of the second novel, Madverts. Raised on the distant planet Denbar by her doting but overprotective mother Mummy and caring but emotionally detached father Ted to believe she will one day save the universe, Kam is always looking out for her younger siblings Berenk and Emline, close friends Ceri and Tandra, and her clients such as Missus Potts.  But when she befriends an unpopular girl Tione from her class, schoolyard politics takes a nasty turn, and Kam must make some difficult decisions.

Marcenay Landin – sexually frustrated 15-year old science nerd, Marcenay is the other central protagonist of Mechacross.  He loves escaping his tedious private school and oppressive home life to explore the deserts of Denbar with his his pet cat splice Felicion, camping out and searching for alien relics, or wargaming with his school buddies.  But when Kamren asks him for help with homework, a friendship develops that has unexpected consequences when a rogue military arms AI starts noticing them.

Although he dreams of joining the explorators as a xenoarcheologist, he faces obstacles from his conservative religious father Barray, who organises a position as junior middle management slave-driver in a clerical sweatshop on the nearby planet Twilight, an inhospitable world from which no indentured sweatshop worker has ever escaped. But circumstances conspire to give Perryn’s life an unexpected turn.

Avery Quinn – captain of the “liberator” starship Melancorp, is a good and honorable man who will even put the well being of his crew above profit-making.  Quinn and his crew vandalise ancient alien sites and raid dangerous megastructures in search of artefacts to be sold to private collectors or the military for exorbitant amounts.   But lucrative as the life of an artifact poacher is, it is also incredibly dangerous, as Freedai and her companions discover.

Jonas Lothfield, captain (of sorts) and triumvar of the free starship Alcione, is in equal parts trader, pirate, and confidence trickster.  Together with his co-captains and fellow triumvars Dhylen Dhylen and Mister Fourty-Eight, and the senior officers under them, he runs the Alcione with an iron hand, ensuring maximum profits in a desperate bid to keep their huge vessel financially viable and politically autonomous.  But in a  changing and unpredictable universe dominated by increasing paradox pollution, the Alcione cannot remain isolationist forever.

Reid Samson – scion of a minor billionaire business empire, his father buys him a commission and training on the Alcione, where he joins the other bored rich ensigns  and midshipmen.

Eithan Gunhead, an ancient knight-marine from a former era, he wanders from planet to planet and space station to space station, fighting for a  code of honor that no longer exists, before his quest and the Alcione’s converge


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Original text © M Alan Kazlev, 2015, 2016, 2017   Artwork copyright  M Alan Kazlev (Freedai) and copyright David Leahey (Kam)