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Enlistment Mech

In the future Federated Corporate Polities, virtual reality simstim and the CNN style military-entertainment complex provides a welcome distraction from the clamor of daily consumerism. The following scene from my novella in progress, Madverts, takes place in a shopping arcology mallplex on the planet Falwel. Kam is the 15 year old protagonist and hero of this story, illustrated here. Ceri is her best friend, and Warran Ceri’s boyfriend. Madverts are sentient or quasi sentient advertisements. Jonia Connan is President for Life and Hero of the Revolution, being challenged by the sinister upstart Yar Hedleh.

Mech in the mallplex. Military Entertainment Complex recruitment. Artwork copyright M. Wayne Miller
Mech in the shopping arcology mallplex. Military Entertainment Complex recruitment. Artwork copyright M. Wayne Miller

(Kam) follows Warran and Ceri as they cross the huge open space, full of shops and mini-aerostats and drones and 3ds of first families and smiling shockpopes and megacorp infomercials and madverts. The Jonia Connan madvert’s still following them, which is pretty dumb, coz none of them are old enough to vote, not even Warran. Kam’s thinking of asking her a question, like how does being Beloved Leader and President For Life reconcile with free once-decade elections? But the Pro Shopper’s Bible says: Under no circumstances, ever engage a madvert in conversation, except to insult it or lodge a complaint. So she doesn’t.

And on this floor there’s even more shoppers and shops and drones and kids and plebbers everywhere. Stim Independence Year, you’re all that strands between humanity and the Vorgr menace! Catch the Westworld Giants and the South Rand Warriors, in the Clash of the Season! Have more Children! Vote One, Yar Fedleh!

And there it is. This humungus army mech parked outside one of the army enlistment offices. There’s even army peep dressed up like in Real Platoon, and one army guy standing at attention like he really means it. But none of them are as hot looking as Zach Jardine.