Themes and work in progress

Some of the themes in my almost completed Young Adult ScFi work in progress Hovergirl (currently looking at around 120k words)

(in alphabetical order)

o advertising
o AI
o alien physiology
o biological robots
o bullying
o class oppression (including indentured servitude)
o cliques and subcultures
o conspiracy theories
o consumerism
o cyborgs
o drones (the small hovering sphere type, not the unmanned aircraft or little rotor toy types)
o environmental crisis
o existential threats
o fake news
o friendship and loyalty
o gambling
o holograms (aesthetic soft scifi TV tropes type)
o human genetic engineering
o hedonism and puritanism
o kaiju
o legal and illegal drugs
o longing for adventure
o mallcrawling
o mechs
o militarism
o overpopulation
o racism
o reality TV
o rebellion (whether teen, political, or space opera)
o refugees
o religion
o school (of the most dysfunctional sort)
o single parent
o social control and totalitarianism
o social media
o space habitats
o spaceships (very briefly)
o sport
o xenophobia

As the series progresses, more themes will be introduced, as well as some of these themes revisited in more detail.

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